• My desire to know the truth is stronger than my desire to avoid pain

    My desire to know the truth is stronger than my desire to avoid pain

    Are you willing to go to your uncomfortable place? This is the jungle of not knowing, of fear and anxiety. We tell ourselves scary stories of what resides in this dark place. These stories are based on what has happened to us in the past and will happen again in our worst case scenarios. It will require courage to enter, not knowing what resides there. Some of us get so scared that we will choose to avoid the pain and not enter. What happens then? Simply put, you think you are in control but you are not. Things don’t stay the same. Instead, the jungle takes over, and its stories keep repeating. A friend once said, “staying safe is the most dangerous thing you can do.”

    My suggestion is go and search for the truth even if you don’t know where it might take you. Beforehand, be prepared with good support and self care tools. The jungle has something to teach you, but you must not push it away, you must sit still and be vulnerable to the lesson. No more running away from painful memories because they have dissolved and been replaced with wisdom.

    Searching for the truth is difficult, especially when we take our beliefs to be the truth. They can take us in the wrong direction. These beliefs run in the background of our conscious and unconscious minds. Learning to stay in our bodies when fear and anxiety shows up is important. This is what I call doing our inner work. It will take work, courage, compassion, forgiveness and open mindedness. Having these supportive emotional tools helps us process our feelings in a healthy way. This will allow pain to dissolve away and then you are left with a simple memory and wisdom to help you move forward.

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