• Space, the Final Frontier!

    Space, the Final Frontier!

    I’m referring to our inner space.  It is the feeling of spaciousness inside us and the physical space that surrounds us.  If you think about it, we are always exploring ways to create space in our lives.  For me a sense of spaciousness includes more time, silence, stillness, peace and rest. Also by saying no to things and people I can also create boundaries that both protect and create space.  On the other hand, to be a productive member of our society, we have to do things and interact with others. As a result, our inner space gets filled up quickly. Sometimes it feels like too much clutter.

    My life used to swing like a pendulum, sometimes desperately seeking inner space, then at other times filling up that space with more activities, people and thoughts. When I suddenly had the urge to clean my house, office, closet, or car etc., I knew things had gotten too crazy.  I had to catch myself and become aware that the pendulum had swung too much to one side.  Now, I laugh because that sense of control from clearing physical space was clearly just a comforting illusion, a pause at the top of my swing before I launched back into an organized productivity binge, working myself to exhaustion and putting up the emotional do-not-disturb sign.  I’m finally learning the art of mindfully doing things so not to swing so extremely in either direction.

    What is Mindfulness? It is the art of paying attention to what is going on in our lives right now.  Your thoughts should not dwell on the past or future when doing the activity.  Just focus on the Present Moment. By doing things mindfully we can work more harmoniously, joyfully and even more productively and can avoid putting up the do-not-disturb sign.  Instantly, more inner space will be created with a vast and wondrous potential.

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