“It started as a casual session with Vaishali but turned into something quite life changing. She listened to me very carefully and gently and skillfully she got me to a place of ‘calm confidence’. When we finished talking I was left with a feeling of “Yes! I can do it, too”. That sense of ‘calm confidence’ stayed with me as I went into an important presentation the following week. The presentation went very smoothly as I remained calm and confident through it all. I now draw on that feeing continually in my everyday life and I thank Vaishali for that.

Vaishali, you are an amazing coach. After every session under your coaching, amazing doors open up in my life with lots of wonderful possibilities. Thank you so much.”

Feroza – San Francisco, CA

“My coaching with Vaishali was an incredibly positive experience. Vaishali is a good listener with great insight and perspective. She is very encouraging and supportive. I always left our sessions feeling refreshed, focused and inspired. I would highly recommend the coaching with Vaishali to anyone desiring to increase their potential and well-being.”

Janelle – San Mateo, CA

Vaishali is committed to authenticity. Her words come from the heart and she is able to listen deeply and with compassion. Whether it’s in a group or one on one setting, Vaishali makes me feel safe to open up. Through this vulnerability, I’ve been able to tap into my true self and start discovering who I am and how I want to lead my life. I’ve attended 3 of her workshops, including topics around the inner critic, the Enneagram, and stress management. I enjoy how she uses a combination of powerful quotes, meditation/grounding exercises, lecturing on concepts, and engaging the group in experiential activities.


Jean – San Mateo

“Vaishali has given me the tools necessary to live my life to the fullest! She gave me meaningful exercises directly related to my goals for our coaching and followed through in a compassionate way to ensure success. I have more confidence, decisiveness and inner peace than I ever imagined possible. I couldn’t have asked for better results!”

Jignasha – New York City, NY

“Vaishali is a remarkable coach. She is gentle and encouraging, but also able to delve deeply into core issues. With remarkable insight, she has helped me on a clear road forward. I feel that she has a gift for listening, a keen focus, and warm and loving heart. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance toward making life changes or interested in forging a new path in their life. I am grateful for her role in my life, helping me heal and carve out balance. She is a powerful force assisting me in my journey towards a life of harmony, health, and happiness.”

Joy – Los Altos, CA

“I walked into Vaishali’s office for a session and did not know what quite to expect. I must say at the end of the session, I was just amazed with a wonderful experience. Not only she helped me get to the core of an issue, but also to remove it permanently from my space to make room for more good things to come to my life. She is comfortable, peaceful and her simple coaching tools are most effective.”

Mahtab – Hillsborough, CA

“I asked Vaishali to help me in a challenging time of my life when I needed to deal with great deal of pain and anger. Although I am rather a skeptic when it comes to therapy or coaching, Vaishali managed to give me a whole new perspective. I soon found her to be extremely wise, beyond her years, and soothing. She patiently listened to my life story and helped me to deal with my pain and anger. She helped me to appreciate that I am not alone and others have gone through similar adversities in life, and have overcome them. I would whole-heartheadly recommend Vaishali to friends and family.”

Mandana – Hillsborough, CA

“In today’s world, we are inundated with messages in every part of our lives; from the media to our parents to our peers, it seems that everywhere you turn there is someone with an opinion, even if it is not expressly stated, judging you. Not only do we have these messages coming at us from every which way, we also have a countless number of options for career and life paths, and when these choices mix with the messages we receive from entities beyond ourselves, what results is a stressful and often scary vortex of insecurity, confusion, and, most dangerously, apathy towards being true to oneself. Last year, I realized I was trapped in that very vortex. I did not know who I was, my confidence was at an all-time low, and I felt that I would never determine what my true passion and career path should be. I started taking steps to fix my life, and one of the most recent steps has been going to see Vaishali. I cannot express in words how large of a difference my meetings with her have made in my journey towards self-love. Quite frankly, I didn’t even realize I was taking a journey to love myself until I met with Vaishali. She helped me realize what the roots of my issues were; she never told me anything about myself in order to do this, but aided me in coming to the conclusions myself. That was incredibly powerful. I would not have been able to realize what was causing my issues without Vaishali’s help. Her guidance has allowed me to change the way I think about and process the messages I receive, and has allowed me to come closer to finding my true self. It has helped me to become brave in the face of seemingly insurmountable pressures and conventions, and to speak honestly and kindly to myself so that I can make the journey towards realizing my true passion and potential. I have never felt more self-assured than I do now, and I know that I would not have made this kind of progress without Vaishali’s strength and guidance. I cannot do justice to all of the subtleties within our session that Vaishali used to help me, but believe me when I say it is complex and it is powerful. I highly recommend that anyone who can relate to anything I have just said go to her. Even a few short sessions could give you a completely different outlook on your life, and on the world as a whole.”

Neaka – Hillsborough, CA

“During my time working with Vaishali I learned, albeit slowly, that change is hard for me. Vaishali planted the seeds of change and patiently nurtured them in our discussions. My life did not change overnight nor did Vaishali promise that. Several months later I still have “I get it” moments when I remember some of our discussions. Her kindness towards my choices opened the door for me to be kind to myself in my heart. I have made huge internal shifts that have altered the relationships in my life. Vaishali offered compassion, sincerity and firm grasp of boundaries that I needed in my life. This was the perfect combination for me to move forward.”

Noshin – Walnut Creek, CA

“I had never worked with a coach, before Vaishali. She was definitely the right choice to help me with my work problems. I was completely miserable at work, and it was affecting my personal life. Vaishali coached me to develope a different work and life outlook. Today, I am more of a content person.”

Susan, New York City, NY