• The Road To Pondicherry

    The Road To Pondicherry

    To realize that your life is a spiritual journey is a gift! Pondicherry made me realize it. When I heard about the place, I knew I wanted to live there someday. It’s strange to want to buy a property in a city that you only heard about and never visited. There is something that draws me to this city. Does it mean the place has something to teach me? Yes. I don’t fully understand what, but I’ll go with the flow and follow my heart.

    Pondicherry, India was a French colony before India won its independence. There is a strong French and Indian influence, combined with spirituality. Aurobindo’s Ashram and Auroville are based in this area. The first person to use the term “Integral Psychology or Integral Yoga” was Aurobindo over 100 years ago, and Auroville is a “universal town,” where people of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, politics and nationalities.

    On my spiritual journey, I have realized that you have to follow your own internal compass. Gurus, teachers, therapist, books, motivational speakers, workshops, religions, etc. can only point you in a direction – and then you have to travel alone.  No person or thing (even Pondicherry) has all the answers. This can only be done when you slow down and have time to reflect. Doing too much or trying to be perfect is counterproductive. Learn to surrender to not knowing and be grateful for all that you have in this moment – don’t make your decisions out of fear. I do understand its very hard to surrender to something that is not tangible, and to be grateful when life is unfair.

    Now on this journey in my forties, I have chosen coaching as my career. I get great pleasure in helping people find their direction. My spiritual journey has taught me so much, and now I want to share it with the world – from my beloved cities that I call home: San Francisco and Pondicherry.


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